Friday, October 23, 2015

Wienwood Prize 2015

As I mentioned when I was describing activities and locations of Pro Holz, there is no branch of ProHolz in Wien. Instead of ProHolz, there is Wienwood. Anyway it works under ProHolz, so it is like a part of it. It is also possible that I am wrong, because every region has its own ProHolz page, but is general one...maybe for Wien.

Friday, October 16, 2015

proHolz Austria - Association of the Austrian wood industry

Mainly interests of proHolz are the marketing activities for a wooden products and increase of its use. It has local offices in 7 regions of Austria except of Vorarlberg and Wien.
ProHolz Kärnten (Korutánsko, capital Klagenfurt, population of 99 000) is organizing their own prize and in 2015 has awarded buildings in 8 categories for wood use. They also offer many pdf resources to study about the wood.

link 2011

Conversion and renovation of School in Gnesau

Thermal insulation of old educational building has been main task for the architects. Well-being, spatial qualities and visual and light conditions are additional but even more important aspects of the building. 4 Wooden classes has been organized according different local types of softwood used for cladding. Differentiation of the classrooms according different wood species works like learning method for children to recognize colour, light and odour of the wood. Wood remains untreated or polished to convey the tactile qualities and positive attributes of wood.

Architects: Ernst Roth, Jürgen P. Wirnsberger, Sonja Hohengasser
Competition: 2012
Construction: 2013
Costs: 1,4 mil. €
Location: Gnesau, Austria

Friday, October 9, 2015

ÖNORM EN 350-2 and Austrian standards

There are eco standards in Austria. Yes, I have never heard about something like that in Slovakia. I think this could be an interesting topic to investigate for a while. Especially general WHY it is needed and HOW it is implemented into practical use.
For example, at the title mentioned ONORM EN 350-2, it considering "Durability of wood and wood-based products - Natural durability of solid wood"[1]

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Architecture prize for Best house in Austria

Haus Wichert, one of the nominated houses for 2015
This year is is already 6th time when representatives of the prize are selecting best family house in Austria. Price is awarded every 2 yeas. One can find lots of not so well known projects from our country neighbours.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Omicron Campus v Klausi, Rakusko

Medzinarodna firma OMICRON vyvijajuca diagnosticke riesenia pre elektricke systemy vyroby energie. Architektonickym vyrazom firmy vyjadruje svoju filozofiu a ponuka moznosti formalneho aj neformalneho vzdelavania ako aj moznost prace vnutri a vonku.


BAU.GENIAL je platforma pre architektov, s cielom posilnit suche a lahke sposoby vystavby a drevostavby v Rakusku.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

TU Wien - Research at ITI

In the beginning of winter semester 2015/16 I am starting as a guest researcher at TU Wien - Department of Architectural Sciences Structural Design and Timber Engineering, supervised by Univ. Prof. DDI Wolfgang Winter. From now on, I will be posting about my daily or weekly successes and progress. I am supported by OeAD under programme Action Austria - Slovakia (Ernst Mach Grants), with help from SAIA.
Stay tuned!!!